Hey guys! I haven't made a blog in *so* long but here it is!!

We all know about the so called episode that Dan said it would change our lives. Of course everyone knows what it is but the episode is called iOMG!! I can tell this episode is going to have TONS of Seddie and believe me when I saw the promo I almost died!!

Here's what I think: Carly and Freddie only THINK Sam's in love with Brad but as you can see in the scene where she's with him she looks kind of bored and annoyed if you ask me. Carly keeps pushing her towards Brad but Sam doesn't even like him. Even if she did like Brad, who does Brad act like? Brad likes techy stuff like who? That's right. The great Fredward Benson. Sam and Freddie have a conversation about love and Carly is watching to see if Sam will admit that she loves Brad but I think it will turn out *way* differently than what Carly expected. I think everyone knows where this is going. Since I have a Seddie brain I think Sam is in love with Freddie, not Brad. I mean think about it. When Freddie is having the conversation with her it just seems like something romantic is about to happen between them. Sam's listening hard and Freddie is sweet talking her and Carly just looks so shocked when she pokes her head out. I think they'll get together or kiss probably because you can here an ooh sound before Carly pokes her head up and like I said she looked so shocked. If you watch the promos a few more times you'll see what I mean. :)

Remember guys this is just *my* speculation. If you think something different is going to happen I would love to hear it. Do you think my speculation is going to happen or do you think something different is? Agree? Disagree? How do I know if you don't comment? :D

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