Okay well for some reason this idea just popped up into my mind and I thought I'd make a blog about it xD. We've all dreamed/thought about something stupid right? Well what are the WORST dreams you've ever had? For me?? Hmm... where do *I* begin xD.

1. One time I dreamt that I got kidnapped by my neighbor who likes my mom(I know gross :P). I was going to my friend's house but then out of no where he jumped out and started chasing me around the neighborhood. He caught me and he put me in his car. The weirdest part is that I ended up back home and we were going on vacation O__o. Yep pretty creepy dream xD.

2. I day dreamed that my mom died once. It was AWFUL!! I was SO miserable and I ended up living at my dad's house(I hate going over to his house.) My siblings were mean to me and everything. I prayed that I never had a dream like that again :/.

Now that I've wasted your time babbling about, what are the most awful dreams you've ever had?? How do I know if you don't comment?? :D

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