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Who is Freddie's Love Interest Now?

Hey guys!! Who do you think is Freddie's love interest now? If you haven't seen the script here it is.

Freddie: Can we just not talk about it?

Carly: No,we can't just not talk about it.

F: But my mom's waiting for me to--

C: I don't care. Are you in love?

F: So....what was in that chicken pot pie? I mean, I know "chicken" obviously, but what other--

C: Are you in love or not?

F: Yes.

C: But you promised. You said you wouldn't fall in love with me as long as--

F: I didn't say I was in love with you.

C: She is very confused.

It appears that Freddie is finally over Carly? Who is Freddie in love with? Hmm...

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