Hello! Classicgirl001 here!

Some people get bored on this wiki and make up games to cure their boredom, so here's a game that I have!

How to play: okay, I don't really know how to explain, so I'll just give you an example under this. :)

Player 1: Antelope

Player 2: Bear

Player 3: Cat

Player 4: Deer

Get it? You say a word beginning with the next letter, but it has to be in the same group as the one before it. So for this examples, there animals! Here's another example:

Player 1: Alice

Player 2: Bridget

Player 3: Callum

Player 4: Diana

And in this one they're names of people. There are other things like types of clothing, sport, and food, so you can choose whatever you want!

So let the game begin!

This is gonna be embarrassing if this get's no comments, so I'll keep my fingers crossed! ^.^

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