Hey, guys! So, yesterday, I asked if I should get Twitter on the Seddie page but since most people were at school, not many replied. I finally decided to get it, and so far I find it kinda fun :)

I wanted to make a blog asking if I should get it but it wasn't really working...

But since it is now, I want to ask if anyone will follow me?

I'm not begging you to follow me or anything, because I sorta look down on those people. And I don't ask random people either. Everyone I know has FaceBook instead and I don't like that so... if I want anyone to follow me I want it to be people I know I can relate to. Like the iCarly shippers!

Please don't think I'm trying to become super popular, because I'm not. In fact, in real life, I'm a loner-weirdo. But that's only because I have nothing in common with others! So, if someone only comes on here to say. "You're asking random people to follow you? That's pathetic." (which I hope won't happen, because most of you are so kind!), please think before you post. If you do, you will be ignored.

Anyway, my Twitter name is AlyshaCupcake. If anyone would like to follow me, I'll follow you back! So far I have only two :)

Classicgirl001 out!

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