To be honest, i dont know who i am.Everyone i know calls me this weird, crazy food-loving daredevil whos obsessed with a show called icarly.I call myself an abnormal,TV loving frigeworm.I know alot of people, but that doesnt mean that they are my friends.They are just simple people who come, disaprove what im about to do next,then go.Its really hard for me to find a friend in this world who wouldn't ditch you for some other friend who is less abnormal than you.Sometimes i wonder,then why would you want to be friends with me in the first place? then i start icsolating myself from crowds of people.

Anyway,my favorite color is super-cala-fragulistic-expi-ala-docious,my favorite food is lasanga, and my favorite animal is the 3 toed sloth.I want to adopt one when i grow older.

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