• I live in Lala Land..(Not tellin' you :P)
  • My occupation is future art teacher or artist or culinary teacher and/or play in the WNBA
  • I am AWESOME! jk
  • CookieMischeif

    Hi! It's Cookie here :)

    I decided I would be taking requests for CUSTOM ornaments! :D

    In the comments, be sure to include:

    What color you want your ornament to be,

    What color you want your name to be written in,

    and if you want your name to be written in glitter.

    **All colors are avaliable for your name AND your ornament.**


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  • CookieMischeif

    Hey ! The title explains everything! What is your FAVORITE thing about Halloween?

    I'd have to say mine is going out at night with my friends and knocking on everyone's door, getting candy..and of course eating the candy. >:D


    So what's your favorite thing about Halloween? The candy, costumes, parties, or giving out candy? How do I know if you don't comment?

    P.S. Have a happy (and safe ;) Halloween!! :)

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  • CookieMischeif

    Note: Yes, I know, this is probably one of the stupidest blogs ever...but I don't care!! XD

    So, I go on this site Club penguin (I know most of think it's, yeah, I don't care-once again) and that's where I'll "penguin-ify" your picture. BTW My username is Naynay2k8


    1. You don't have to provide a picture, however you can, if you want the exact clothing, etc. (If you don't know how to post a picture in a comment, look below ;)
    2. Please name the character (Well duh) and the TV show/movie it's from
    3. If you want the exact clothing, just tell me what you want, and, well I'll try my best XD
    4. You can make it as crazy as you want!

    ​HAVE FUN!!

    To post a picture in a comment: [ [file:whatever the file name is] ]

    No spaces between the two [

    (At the beginni…

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  • CookieMischeif

    Yet, here is another Picture Challenge! This one is just me and FreddieSeddieI'mReady are making the pictures. You can give ANY request for a picture, a ship, a TV show, movie, anything! You can ask for as many pictures as you want! :)




    Comment Away!

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  • CookieMischeif

    Picture Challenge 2

    August 20, 2011 by CookieMischeif
    • (PurpleStripedFudgeParole239's idea)

    You can give me any request for a picture for a ship from iCarly or a ship from a different TV show or movie. It doesn't have to be a ship either. (We have enough people now)



    FFF T






    Comment away!

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