Hehe. First off, I'm just gonna say that this may be a little ranty.

I've had some ideas about what may happen in iDo. Obviously, Spencer would escort Carly down teh aisle. It just makes sense. So that leaves two bickering side kicks to walk up (down? idk) the aisle together.

Just picture them arm and arm, walking up/ down... idk, and all the while they are whispering insults to each other. And then they eventually stop straight dab in the middle of the aisle. And so they start fighting, and it gets physical, so the priest has to break up the fight.

Just imagine that.

And then later on Carly forces Sam to come on the dance floor with her during the bouqet toss. And of course, it lands right in the hands of our blonde headed friend. So she freaks out inside, while Carly laughs at her O_o

Then, spencer makes Freddie come on the dance floor for the garter toss, and Freddie catches it. And we all know what that means.

But I highly doubt that nick would let Nathan Kress run his hands up Jennette Mccurdy's leg. So yeah, lets just imagine Carly and Spencer teasing them, saying they are gonna get married.

And by now Freddie is as red as a tomato, and Sam has the sudden urge to kick him. So yeah, that's it for the iDo stuff.

And now, for my rant. So Nathan Kress's Q&A happened, and I asked him if his Camaro and Jennette were trapped in a burning building which one would he save.

And he replied. (INSERT ME TOTALLY FREAKING OUT HERE) so yeah, he says:

Jennette, of course. You can always buy another Camaro, silly :P

and then, to add icing on the already delicious cake, Jennette tweets this:

@bruindude92 So, I heard that in a fire you'd save me over your Camaro. Good choice, toothpaste. Good choice.

And now I'm running around my yard barefoot screaming. But some people just cant imagine someone being that enthusiastic.

So this person asks me about it on aim, and I reply to her, explaining about my freak out and everything (I'm not gonna lie about who I am)

So then she makes her status: Colleen, when I talk to you I feel like locking myself in a burning building.

  • insert my sigh here*

Does anyone else think that that was a little too far? Or am I the one overreacting?

Sorry if my ranting is annoying. -_-

And what did you think about my whole iDo prediction?

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