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New Survey

So I have been seeing plenty of surveys latly so here is one of my own:

Funniest: a)Carly b) Sam c) Freddie d) Spencer

Awesomest: a) Carly b) Sam c) Freddie d) Spencer

Lamest: a) Carly b) Sam c) Freddie d) Spencer

Funniest: a) Gibby b) Guppy c) T-bo

Most annoying: a) Nora b) Nevel c) Mandy

Best Ship?

Worst Ship?

Awesomest minor: a) Adu b) Pam Puckett c) Guppy

Best Seddie ep: a) iSpeed Date b) iThink they kissed c) iStart a Fan War

Best Creddie ep: a) iSpeed Date b) iStart a Fan War c) iLike Jake

Awesomest Spencer creation: a) Gummi lamp b) Bottle Bot c) Giant Pants d) Tree made of Pencils

Please leave a comment!

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