Hi! I was listening to this song the other day and I couldn't help thinking it sounded like Freddie's feelings for Sam! So here are the lyrics! Sorry if I get some of them wrong.

Even Though

Even though I was blind before,

I've realized there is so much more

And it was always deep down in the core of me

I know it now

Even though it seems to much to take

There's a feeling I cant seem to shake

I feel like I'm reading the signs because they know I'm coming around

I thought I wanted someone as perfect as can be

When what I needed was the one who was perfect for me

Even though it used to seem so wrong

I've taken you for granted far too long

I'm falling right into the denouement

And now I'm breaking ground

Even though I felt it from the start

It's only now we're beating with one heart

I'm sure that now it's the time

Cause I know that I'm,

The sun is starting to shine

Cause I know that I'm,

I'm coming around.

Ok, thats the song. I think it kinda matches. I am thinking of doing a couple other blogs with songs that I think are like Seddie. Comment and tell me if I should! :) Courtneylover25 22:32, March 29, 2011 (UTC)Courtneylover25

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