• CrEdDiE fAnAtIc

    I bet you can guess what this blog is about. A lot of Creddie Crusaders and Seddie Sentinels are up in arms about iSaFW. And I'm right there with them. I have A LOT of issues with this new episode, and most of season 4 so far. Let's review what sucked about this episode, shall we?

    1- there was no real plot. Brings us back to iBtH doesn't it? iBtH was made out to be a great episode with lots of guest stars and even hits of romance. And what did we get? A poorly written, predictable, and cheesy episode that completely disappointed us. Nice way to end S3, huh? This episode was no different

    2- Spencer and Jack. It was awesome that Jack was in the episode. However, the sub-plot was poorly written, cheesy, and in my personal opinion, TOTALLY INNAP…

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