I bet you can guess what this blog is about. A lot of Creddie Crusaders and Seddie Sentinels are up in arms about iSaFW. And I'm right there with them. I have A LOT of issues with this new episode, and most of season 4 so far. Let's review what sucked about this episode, shall we?

1- there was no real plot. Brings us back to iBtH doesn't it? iBtH was made out to be a great episode with lots of guest stars and even hits of romance. And what did we get? A poorly written, predictable, and cheesy episode that completely disappointed us. Nice way to end S3, huh? This episode was no different

2- Spencer and Jack. It was awesome that Jack was in the episode. However, the sub-plot was poorly written, cheesy, and in my personal opinion, TOTALLY INNAPROPRIATE. Jack actually said (if I heard right) 'damnation'! And the duel with the staff and the two inflatable balls. See what I see? It took me a few minutes, but I caught it. Not to mention Spencer got nailed again, and, as a guy, I really don't appreciate that. It's not funny... even on TV.

3- DAN CRUSHED OUR HOPES!!!! Obviously this is everyone's biggest complaint. This episode was endorsed and promoted and make everyone nearly die when we found out about it. And then Dan spit in our faces. He essentially told us neither ship was going to happen. I feared this would happen, but all of the pomotion (via commercials, Nathan, Dan, and whom or whatever else) for iSaFW implied we were going to get SOMETHING. I'm disappointed, Dan. VERY disappointed. I see Victorious is coming out with a movie, though. How nice -_-

Leave any thoughts you have in the comments. I'd love to hear what you guys, the other fans of iCarly, think of my post, iSaFW, or both. (Seddiers welcome, just stay chill and don't bash Creddie or any other ship) (same for you Creddiers)

CrEdDiE fAnAtIc 21:06, November 30, 2010 (UTC)

*EDIT, PLEASE READ*I found and read Dan's apology after I wrote this. So don't remind me of it. However, it didn't have much affect on me. I don't hate Dan anymore (for now), but I still feel that Victorious is taking over his time and the first two poitns still hold true. But still, parts of 3 are true, too. Nathan told us that we were getting MAJOR creddie and seddie, too. He was in the episode, he would know.

CrEdDiE fAnAtIc 22:39, November 30, 2010 (UTC)

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