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  • I live in the United States.
  • I was born on November 30
  • My occupation is being a Student.
  • I am a Female.
  • Crazy4Seddie

    There are so many kids at my school that think iCarly is stupid, "gay", ridiculous, etc., and it just annoys me so much that SO many people seem to think this way. I mean, I suppose I understand that it's just not their type of comedy, but come ON!! It just ain't right for kids to be solely focused on dirty comedy all the time, because now they're hating on anything else. -__- So why do YOU think a lot of people dislike iCarly? And how many people do you know who actually likes iCarly as much as you do?

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  • Crazy4Seddie

    Okay, so we all know the famous Spencer Shay, the crazy and spontaneous older adult brother of Carly, and the star of several of the show's subplots. Before I go on with what this blog is about, please note that this does not mean that I dislike Spencer. Just this one little part of him; because if it weren't for Spencer, the show probably would not be nearly as entertaining x).

    The thing that really annoys me about Spencer is the fact that there have been a couple occasions when Spencer dates women solely upon their looks, completely ignoring the other and in my opinion, more important stuff, such as in iWon't Cancel The Show when he was dating Candace JUST because she was pretty (and were pantyhose apparently), and totally ignoring the fac…

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  • Crazy4Seddie

    Okay, I highly doubt that this blog'll get much attention, but I've seen a few other people making these lately, so I thought I'd do one for myself 'cause it's fun. =D

    10 Random Facts About Me:

    1. I'll do anything for junk food.

    2. I tend to get really ticked off if someone misspells or mispronounces my name. I mean seriously, it's NOT THAT FREAKING HARD...see? x)

    3. Besides Jennette McCurdy, some of my other favorite artists and bands are Taylor Swift, Owl City, 3OH!3, and the Black Eyed Peas. Yeah, I like A LOT of music stuff.

    4. I really love photography, but I mainly like to take incredibly awesome photos of nature, since I believe that wildlife is one of the most precious and beautiful things that this world has to offer.

    5. I've been able to …

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  • Crazy4Seddie

    Hey everyone. =) First blog post in sooo long.

    Anyways, I've been thinking: Carly's character is a pretty complex one. I mean, most of the time, she acts fairly nice, sweet, and caring, even with people she really doesn't like, which is probably the reason why a lot of people really like her and care about her, and yet, there are other times when she acts just ridiculous. I mean...she kind of overreacted when she found about the Seddie kiss (in iKiss), just because no one wanted to tell her. There have been other situations when Carly goes a little nuts, such in iLook Alike when Spencer refused to let her to to that fight and her attitude towards the Adam situation in iStart A Fanwar didn't please me either. And God knows what she'll think…

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  • Crazy4Seddie

    I'M BACK =)

    May 8, 2011 by Crazy4Seddie

    All right, let me give us all a little recap: I made this account on the iCarly wiki some time in June or July 2010, and for quite a while, I became obsessed with it. x) But once school started again, I became unexpectedly terribly busy, so I decided to take a break. Unfortunately, that break lasted A LOT longer than I expected; about 8 months to be exact.


    The reason I returned is, for one thing, I'm fiinally in a stage where I'm not too busy to regularly visit this site, partly because my school is slowly drawing to an end, but also because of one incredible, amazing, heart-stunning, absolutely epic word: iOMG (You can read my page for the full story). :D

    I have also began continuing to create iCarly-Seddie-themed vi…

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