Hey everyone. =) First blog post in sooo long.

Anyways, I've been thinking: Carly's character is a pretty complex one. I mean, most of the time, she acts fairly nice, sweet, and caring, even with people she really doesn't like, which is probably the reason why a lot of people really like her and care about her, and yet, there are other times when she acts just ridiculous. I mean...she kind of overreacted when she found about the Seddie kiss (in iKiss), just because no one wanted to tell her. There have been other situations when Carly goes a little nuts, such in iLook Alike when Spencer refused to let her to to that fight and her attitude towards the Adam situation in iStart A Fanwar didn't please me either. And God knows what she'll think of the iOMG kiss.

But the point is, I've recently discovered that there's a particular girl who goes to my school who acts the exact same way as Carly, though she's a bit meaner. She pretty much broke my spirit a couple months ago, not to mention pretty much sabotaged my love life. -__- But the crazy thing is I don't hate her, cuz I know there's still some goodness in her, so I really just don't know what to think of her at this point. It's the same thing with Carly.

So what about you? Does Carly remind YOU of anyone you know in real life?


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