Hey, Seddie fans! I've been thinking about it for a while: Since there's like a HUGE chance that iCarly'll end with Seddie, odds are, they're gonna kiss again, so how should it happen??

Here are the three ways I think it'll happen:

A)They'll do what they did in that other blog I wrote: Get in a big fight but then start making out in the middle of nowhere (Like Josh and Mindy from D&J) XD

B)Something good'll happen and everyone'll be huggin each other, but when Sam and Freddie hug, they'll start kissing unexpectedly, then let go and stare at each other like, "WHAT just happened...!?!?" x)

C)They might just do the standard thing in a scene where they're by themselves, they'll start talking about stuff or something and then...Ya know...;)

LOL Do you like these ideas? Feel free to comment saying which one you'd like to happen, or if you have some other idea.

And if you're a Creddie fan and you're reading this, PLEASE don't make fun of us and/or say anything mean. PLEASE.

~Crazy4Seddie :)

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