All right, let me give us all a little recap: I made this account on the iCarly wiki some time in June or July 2010, and for quite a while, I became obsessed with it. x) But once school started again, I became unexpectedly terribly busy, so I decided to take a break. Unfortunately, that break lasted A LOT longer than I expected; about 8 months to be exact.


The reason I returned is, for one thing, I'm fiinally in a stage where I'm not too busy to regularly visit this site, partly because my school is slowly drawing to an end, but also because of one incredible, amazing, heart-stunning, absolutely epic word: iOMG (You can read my page for the full story). :D

I have also began continuing to create iCarly-Seddie-themed videos, and this time actually posting them on YouTube.

In addtion, I have made a vow to myself that I will never make ANY Creddiers feel bad, because I keep remembering how mean I was the last time I was on here. =/ I promise, I really truly will be nice on her now.

That's all for now!! Devon out!!

Peace, Love, & Seddie <3

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