Sam: This is all your fault, Freddie!

Freddie (staring at her in disbelief): How is this MY fault!?

Sam (glaring back at him): Of course it’s your fault! If you hadn’t of ordered those cupcakes in the first place, Carly would never of had that allergic reaction to them!

Freddie (rolling his eyes): How can you be so stupid??? It was YOU who put that bad mixture in them!

Sam (shrugging): I had no idea it would do that to her.

Freddie: You still should’ve asked her, first!

Sam: Ya know what, Fredlumps? I was rushing and I wasn’t thinking straight. I feel just as bad about this as you do, so you don’t have to push me even further into it!

Freddie (taking a step closer to Sam): Well, you NEED to learn to be more responsible, Little Miss Sassy!

Sam punches Freddie in the arm.

Freddie (flinching): OW!!!

Sam: HA! That’ll teach you not to talk all parent-like to Momma!

Freddie: Actually, you didn’t teach me ANYTHING! I’m still gonna have to keep setting your mind straight! You’re hopeless!

Sam punches Freddie again.

Sam: Well, you’re not so hopeful yourself, Fredweird. You’re nothing but a lousy, unpopular nerd!

Freddie (stepping even closer to Sam): Well, you’re nothing but a crazy delinquent with no future!

Sam (inches away from Freddie’s face): Oh yeah?

Freddie: YEAH!!!

The two start making out passionately.

1 minute later...

Sam (looking lovingly into his eyes): I hate you.

Freddie: I hate you too.

The two continue making out.

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