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Kay, I know this is a bit off topic, but I just wanna know who saw the new Victorious episode, "Wi-Fi in the Sky", and what you thought of it. I saw it, and to be completely honest, it definitely wasn't the most entertaining episode I've ever seen. And also, don't you agree that the whole Perez-Hilton-Guest-Staring thing was really over-advertised? I mean, SERIOUSLY, he was in like the last 3 minutes of the episode! Seddiemania (an iCarly YouTuber) posted a video about this stuff, and I agree with him on every word. Dan went a little too far on that one. :/ Seddiemania also mentioned that iCarly shouldn't be helping with the Victorious promotions, which I also agree with. It's just not fair!

On the bright side, I DID get a couple laughs from the episode, but just a couple.

Who agrees with me that Victorious is sort of invading iCarly, and that they shouldn't have made such a huge deal about Perez Hilton?

(P.S. Now that school has started for me, I probably won't be on as nearly as often as usual. :( )

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