Hey, peoples of the Earth (and Mars, and Pluto, and Ohio)! Welcome to my blog...the only place to hear about the stuff that goes on in my life and in my brain! (You're not actually gonna see my brain, you're just gonna hear some of my thoughts). Well, today's topic: thumbs. I say thumbs should count as fingers, but my cousins say that thumbs are thumbs--NOT fingers...well then what about pinkies? Are they fingers or pinkies?! So comment in the boxes below and tell us whether you think thumbs are fingers or not; prove to my cousins that thumbs have a right to be fingers just as much as pinkies do; eat some pie; take a bath; comment on my blog post--just do it, and you can prove to the world that thumbs are fingers, too. You won't get anything in return, but you will feel good that you proved to the world the truth about don't actually have to do this, but I needed something to do so I decided to talk about thumbs :) See you next time on Jake it Up! BYE!

Thumbs up

Thumbs up for, well...thumbs!

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