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    Game :D

    August 16, 2011 by Crazygirly

    This is a little Game everyone can play it ;)

    Rules:You can type only ONE word. Have Fun.


    1. Where is your cell phone? Table

    2. Where is your significant other? Huuh??

    3. Your hair? Brown.

    4. Your mother? Happy.

    6. Your favorite thing?'''' ''''Everything xD

    7. Your dream lastnight? None

    '9. Your dream/goal?' .ehhh..??

    10. The room you're in? Living..

    12. Your fear? Dieing.

    13. Where do you want to be in 6 years? College

    14. Where were you last night? Home

    15. What you're not? Normal...xD

    16. Muffins? Like..

    17. One of your wish list items? iPad

    18 . Where you grew up? Germany

    19. The last thing you did? Drinking

    20. What are you wearing? clothes

    21. Your TV? Off

    22. Your pet(s)? None

    23. Your computer? On..

    24. Your life? Interesting..:P

    25. Your mood? HAPPY!

    26. M…

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    Okay soo many Fans think that Sam will only dream what we saw in the promo (the kisses,the date ect..)

    I don't think that this is all a dream because it wouldn't make much sense ! Why? Because iOMG ended with a CLIFFHANGER that means they will CONTINUE the story between Sam/Freddie and the kiss. It would be weird if it all was a dream then iLMM wouldn't continue the story (you know from iOMG the kiss...)

    For me it just makes no sense...

    And for now I am really HAPPY that we saw Sam/Freddie kiss and not just one time ;)

    And the thing with the iBreak up episode! I wouldn't be mad if they really break up in that episode but then the HAVE TO make up in THE SAME EPISODE or else I would be mad... !

    I think it would be interesting to see a episode wh…

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  • Crazygirly


    April 30, 2011 by Crazygirly

    Okay do you think Sam and Freddie will begin dating in iOMG part 2 or will Dan make them a couple in the Last episode. ? I think Dan will maybe get Sam and Freddie together in the last episode because Freddie will (i think ) say in iOMG part 2 that he need more time to figure out his feelings towards Sam and then in the last episode he will maybe says that he knows his feelings and that he is maybe in Love with her too and then they will be a couple in the end. !

    Some people are saying that the will be a Love triangle I don't think so beacause it's a kids show and it will be too complicated for a Love triangle ! and I think the most iCarly viewers like Sam because she is funny ect... and I thnik if Carly would say something like: I still lo…

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