Okay do you think Sam and Freddie will begin dating in iOMG part 2 or will Dan make them a couple in the Last episode. ? I think Dan will maybe get Sam and Freddie together in the last episode because Freddie will (i think ) say in iOMG part 2 that he need more time to figure out his feelings towards Sam and then in the last episode he will maybe says that he knows his feelings and that he is maybe in Love with her too and then they will be a couple in the end. !

Some people are saying that the will be a Love triangle I don't think so beacause it's a kids show and it will be too complicated for a Love triangle ! and I think the most iCarly viewers like Sam because she is funny ect... and I thnik if Carly would say something like: I still love Freddie.." Carly would be less popular (It's my OPINION)

-sorry if there are any mistakes :/

Love youuu :)

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