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iLMM-Sam's Dream?/break up

Okay soo many Fans think that Sam will only dream what we saw in the promo (the kisses,the date ect..)

I don't think that this is all a dream because it wouldn't make much sense ! Why? Because iOMG ended with a CLIFFHANGER that means they will CONTINUE the story between Sam/Freddie and the kiss. It would be weird if it all was a dream then iLMM wouldn't continue the story (you know from iOMG the kiss...)

For me it just makes no sense...

And for now I am really HAPPY that we saw Sam/Freddie kiss and not just one time ;)

And the thing with the iBreak up episode! I wouldn't be mad if they really break up in that episode but then the HAVE TO make up in THE SAME EPISODE or else I would be mad... !

I think it would be interesting to see a episode where they will break up and then Make up ! ( like the one episode in Victorious Jade dumps Beck)

Maybe two random characters will break up  ! Who knows I mean When the Season 4 started to air and there was this episode called iDo FIRST I thought that Spencer will get Married I NEVER thought that 2 RANDOM People will get Married you know ! Maybe in iBU Sam/Freddie will not break up maybe some other people ? Who know or Maybe this episode is FAKE.

I hope you understood it ;) (Sorry for my english and for the mistakes I made :/)


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