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Why Seddiers Shouldn't Be Upset

Just recently, I shipped FULL TIME Creddie. But after watching iLove You, my feelings changed. I had suddenly found myself wondering(after Sam and Freddie broke up) 'Why do I feel sorry for them?' And please don't find that offensive! And then I got online to see ,mainly, how the Seddiers felt. After reading all of the (kinda) over-reacting comments, I REALLY felt sorry for them. But this is why full time Seddiers shouldn't be upset:


1) You guys are amazingly strong and stay true to your ship.

2) You lasted 4 episodes while Creddie lasted 1!

3) There was more connection between Sam and Freddie than you guys are noticing.

5) I have seen WORSE break-ups than this.

6) They broke up at midnight! Really romantic!

And, if any of you Seddiers are wondering, yes, I am (or...was) CreddieNiranda. I ship both now! At first, all I really wanted was CARLY and Freddie happy, but when I saw how happy Sam and Freddie were, it had a strange effect on me. You guys are lucky to have such a strong ship...don't lose sight of that!

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