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iStill Love You: Rumor or Fact???

Creddie June 29, 2010 User blog:Creddie

So this is an opinion blog, all fans can comment. Please restrain from being rude to the Creddie, Seddie or other ships and user's beliefs :) thnxs!

So all of the iCarly Fans have heard the rumors about Season 4 and its possible episodes. Only 4 have been confirmed so far:

-iGot a Hot Room -iDo

-iSell Penny T's

-iGet Pranky

There are so far two that have only been confirmed as rumors:

iStart Over-Carly and Nevel try to restart their friendship

iStill Love You-Carly and Freddie date (Continuation, for lack of a better word, of iSaved Your Life.

These were supposedly supposed to air in June, which made no sense to the seasoned iCarly fan as the show writes/films during the summer starting in May and the previous season airs it's finale in June. The new seasons normally start Mid-September.

So I want YOUR opinion, ALL the fans of iCarly, on these two episodes. Real or Fake?

Make sure to post your opinion!

Creddie 20:53, June 29, 2010 (UTC)

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