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August 20, 2011
  • Creddie24seven

    Random Questions!

    September 25, 2011 by Creddie24seven

    I felt like doing a blog game :)

    This is how it works: Post a question, any random thing that might pop into your mind.


    1st Comment: Would you rather lose all your teeth or lose your eyebrows?

    2nd Comment: Lose my eyebrows. I could draw them on. whats your earliest memory?

    3rd Comment: Having my mom steal my teddy bear. [next question]

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  • Creddie24seven

    Advice blog!(:

    September 16, 2011 by Creddie24seven

    I love helping other people!! So this blog got born...

    where you basically just tell me about any problem you have, like if you can't apply your eyeliner correctly or if a guy that likes you won't leave you alone or something (like Young Freddie), or anything!:o]

    I will get back to you quickly since I'm on this wiki like 24/7 xD

    Oh, and other users are welcome to also answer any questions, but not too much because I still want to answer too!:D

    And I promise I won't make fun of you! :P

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  • Creddie24seven

    And not the opposite one?

    What would make you want to ship the other ship instead?

    I ship Creddie because it's awesome. Jk. It is awesome but I don't think that's really a reason. I ship Creddie because Freddie has been going crazy for Carly for so long, and... idk! I just feel that something bigger has to happen between the two than short-term dating!

    I don't ship Seddie because obviously, I like Creddie better.(;

    If Freddie had liked Sam maybe for longer, and had not kept it a secret, it would make Seddie more appealing to me! ...perhaps? But then again, I'm not sure. I can never be sure.

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  • Creddie24seven

    Hello people!

    August 20, 2011 by Creddie24seven

    Hi, I'm new too this wiki! I love iCarly, so I dicided to join(:

    Even though I'm a super-psych0 Creddie shipper, I still want too make freinds with the Seddiers among you!(:

    Please message me, expesially if your a Creddier!

    Creddie FTW!!

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