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Why do you ship your ship...?

And not the opposite one?

What would make you want to ship the other ship instead?

I ship Creddie because it's awesome. Jk. It is awesome but I don't think that's really a reason. I ship Creddie because Freddie has been going crazy for Carly for so long, and... idk! I just feel that something bigger has to happen between the two than short-term dating!

I don't ship Seddie because obviously, I like Creddie better.(;

If Freddie had liked Sam maybe for longer, and had not kept it a secret, it would make Seddie more appealing to me! ...perhaps? But then again, I'm not sure. I can never be sure.


Creddie24seven 15:33, August 21, 2011 (UTC)

Creddie FTW!!!

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