these are my Ideas:

iWork Out: Main Plot is That Gibby and Freddie go to the Gym and work out in order to pass a test in Gym Class. Sub Plot is that Sam,Carly,Spencer Tries Guppy with his Homework but Guppy would not Listen.

iMeat: Main plot is about that Sam is forced not to eat meat for 4 Days while Spencer and Gibby watches Her.

Sub Plot is about Freddie and Carly favorite ice Cream Shop gets Vandalized so they decided to help clean Up.

iGet Money: Main Plot is about Freddie and Spencer Gets paid for doing Stunts.

Sub Plot is that Carly and Sam has a Contest With Gibby and T-Bo To See witch team gets the most Money for selling Blue and Yellow Socks.

iGet Stuck in an Island (1 Hour and 55 Min.Movie): Carly and The gang get Stuck in an island and Must find a Way to do iCarly and Survive On the island.

iSing:Main Plot Sam and Carly tries out for American Sings.

Sub Plot: Freddie And Gibby Gose to a Sleep Away Camp with Spencer and Socko.

iLosser: Carly losses a Bet to Sam so now Carly has to go on a Date with the School's Biggest Nerd Edwin McKillman.

Subplot: Freddie,Gibby,and Spencer has to Baby-Sit Kids but then They lossed them.

iSee Monkeys: Main Plot: Sam and Freddie finds a Family of monkeys in the school.

Sub Plot: Gibby and Carly Helps Spencer with his Crazy Dreams.

iLook For 2 Main Plot Sam and Spencer looks for the 2 Big turkey's

Sub Plot: Carly,Gibby,Freddie Looks for a new Friend for Guppy


iGrow Up: Freddie decides Get over on Carly and Move on to Shelby Marx (Not an Creddie episode)

Sam and Gibby gets Locked in a Mall.

iBecome an MMA Fighter: (1 Hour Movie) Main Plot: Freddie and Gibby becomes into MMA Fighters.

Sub Plot: Carly,Spencer,and Sam gose to Mexico for 6 days

iStart My Senior Year: Main Plot is about Carly and the others Start thier Seniour year in High School.

Sub Plot: Freddie and Gibby Has to fight each Other in MMA.

So what are your ideas?!



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