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    iCarly M.U.S. 2

    March 27, 2011 by Creddie4444

    Ready for season 2 of my M.U.S. of iCarly? I'm going to "premiere" it next month, but I'll let you peak in to the 'Writers' Desk' to see the episodes coming on April something.

    1. iGo to Detention
    2. iWrestle Sam
    3. iGo Green Again
    4. iCarly vs. Cartoons
    5. iLose My Voice
    6. iTrain Karate
    7. iCarly Goes Hollywood (part 1)
    8. iCarly Goes Hollywood (part 2)
    9. iEat My Last Taco
    10. iFail My Science Exam
    11. iHate Fat Cakes
    12. iProm
    13. iBFFs
    14. iSee Freddie in a Dress
    15. iHave a Crush on Charlie
    16. iMagic
    17. iPunch Spencer
    18. iSteal Sam's History Book
    19. iCarly Meets iCarla
    20. iImpress Carly Again
    21. iMove to San Diego
    22. iCarly Becomes Infamous
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    It's a double episode and Melanie is in it both!

    Melanie is coming once again and Freddie doubts that Melanie is not real. But when Sam is in juvie, Melanie comes and kisses Freddie once again. He thinks it's Sam, but Melanie denies it. After iCarly, Freddie leaves to his house and tells Melanie that he loves her. So they become a couple. Sam is surprised that they are a couple after being released from juvie. Meanwhile, Spencer and Gibby tries to solve Camie's hard riddle and get the world's largest cupcake. Spencer won, but the cupcake was spicy, which Camie baked to trick him.

    Melanie announced she moved closer to Bushwell Plaza and figured out that Seattle is holding an audition for a movie called Carrie and the Strong Cow. Melanie, Sam…

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    iMake Sculptures

    March 11, 2011 by Creddie4444

     Camie and Carly are seeking help from Spencer to make sculptures for Camie to get a good grade is Art Class. Spencer agrees, but bosses them all he wants. Carly grows angry and upset that Spencer is not teaching them. At the end, Spencer, Camie, and Carly all make a cupcake statue made out of real cupcakes. Meanwhile, Sam and Freddie help Gibby find Guppy's toy dragon before Guppy arrives from Olympia with his parents. At the end, they realize that Guppy tricked them and the toy was with him all along.

    Sam- "Wish we took a break and have bacon!"
    Freddie- "Bacon?"
    Gibby- "Bacon and dragons don't make up the world!"

    Camie- "Where are Sam and Freddie?"
    Carly- "They're helping Gibby find a toy dragon."
    Camie- "Oh, a dragon!? Let's see the dragon…

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     It's Camie's mother's birthday, and Carly suggested that they open a pie shop named iCarly's Pie. Things go wrong when Freddie's computer-oven burns down Camie's most famous cherry pie. Camie says that if her pie recipe is burned, she can't help her mother celebrate. What's worse, Camie's mother accidentally knocks herself unconscious with a mysterious gas. They make a new birthday party cherry pie and party at the hospital. Meanwhile, Spencer and Gibby acts like a girl so they can go inside a girl-only museum with hot girls, only to realize that the museum was really a museum for agressive and obnoxious girls who aren't hot at all.

    • In this episode, Sam says she doesn't wear white. But when throwing the party at the hospital, she wears a …

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    This is my fanfiction (next and first ever iCarly fanfic) called iValentine. The two characters this story focuses on is Freddie and Melanie.

    Summary: It's finally Valentine's Day. Freddie wants to pick Carly for his valentine, but her boyfriend, Andrew, be her valentine instead. Melanie is there for the rescue. Freddie thinks its Sam, but it's really Melanie. And what's more harder for Freddie, Valentine Prom is coming. Will they work out?

    Chapter 1: Valentine Mix Up

    Freddie and Carly were both eating dinner at Carly's house. Spencer made spaghettit tacos. Sam had detention again. It was awfully quiet. Until Spencer finally shouted, "HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!!!!!!"
    "Spencer, it's only two weeks until the fourteenth!" Carly said as Spencer gave he…

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