I read a comment in the Creddie page and a blog about Seddie like how they would happen, so I decided to make one too, since I haven't seen the Creddie version yet! Okay, Creseddiers, you can make one, too! But Seddiers, if you have to make one, keep it good and don't write negative replies to people's comments, okay? Here's how Creddie could happen!

Carly and Freddie are alone watching Girly Cow:The Movie (just imagine there's a movie like that). They were getting bored and they didn't know what to do. Freddie pauses the movie and says, "Hey, wanna do something, like me and you, alone?" Carly replies,"Yeah, I mean this movie is suckish in my opinion!" "How about....a d-d-d-d-date?" Freddie asks. "Where?" Carly replies."Get some smoothies!" Freddie replied. "Sure!" They went off to get smoothies and Carly says, "You know, I'm really loving you right now!" "Yeah? Wanna, you know, start dating again?" Freddie asks with a bright smile on his face. "Okay!" Carly exclaimed. "So, wanna make out?" Freddie asks with a brighter smile on his face. "Sure! But I hope Sam's happy!" Carly said. So they went back to Carly's apartment and make out. And Carly was right! Sam did have feelings for Gibby all along!

So, I want to see how your story goes! so,see ya!

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