If you looked at my blogs about the iCarly M.U.S, you see the list of episodes. And you see one Seddie episode and one Creddie episode. And my Seddie and Creddie episode both have a surprise. A KISS!!!!! You Seddiers should wait until next week for the Seddie episode. It's a one-hour blog special and so is the Creddie episode. The plot isn't written, but the other episode, iMake My Own Website will take place after iWill Undo It (the Seddie episode). I know you Seddiers arevery excited that you can't even wait, and your twitching to see it. Have to wait until next week, because I can't be on this wiki on weekdays (except Fridays and holidays). Can't wait, and I promise you it'll be another great Seddie episode, and another great kiss!!!!

Creseddie FTW!!!!!

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