eHere is my made up season of iCarly. It's called iCarly M.U.S (a.k.a., Made Up Season). Here's the season's list of episodes:

  1. iGet a Concert
  2. iKiss a Superstar
  3. iOpen Sam's Secret Jar
  4. iAm in a Band
  5. iFind Gibby a Girlfriend
  6. iFind Out Shelby Marx and Wade Collins are Dating
  7. iMake My Own Website
  8. iWill Undo It (Seddie episode)
  9. iThrow Spencer a Huge Birthday
  10. iOpen an iCarly Pie Shop
  11. iCafe
  12. iMake Sculptures
  13. iAm NOT Melanie
  14. iMake am in a Movie

I put some episodes with Carrie Underwood songs (example: iWill Undo It). I hope these episodes are good to you! I will write iGet a Concert later! sorry if i'm copying you (if you're doing it too!). I got this idea from Lotstar. Enjoy! :D

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