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Stay A Creddier or Be A Seddier

Okay, after seeing some replays of iCarly episodes, I'm beginning to like Seddie. But I can't choose! My brain couldn't decide! Seddie or Creddie. Okay, now I have an idea. I was thinking about writing a blog in this wiki, so I ask you, fellow iCarly wiki members, if I would stay a Creddier or be a Seddier. If no Creddier would convince me to stay a Creddier, I will become a Seddier. If no Seddier would convince me to be a Seddier, I will stay a Creddier. I depend on YOUR suggestions. I will count the comments after Christmas and see how many people convince me to stay a Creddier or be a Seddier. So, if Seddie wants to get more fans, comment! If Creddie wants more fans, comment! Im still a Creddier, okay! Just to prove it I will make 2 userboxes about Creddie.

CREDDIE This user is a Creddie Crusader!!!

Creddie Kiss 2 This user loves Creddie forever!!!

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