What do you ship?

So, I know some of you guys are familiar with Victorious. And I just wanted to know what pair do you ship. This is for my BFF and she really wants people to vote for Cat/Beck. This isn't a poll, just a question. So what do you ship?

List of Victorious ships:

  • Bade (Beck/Jade)
  • Bori (Beck/Tori)
  • Tandre (Tori/Andre)
  • Cabbie/Cobbie (Cat/Robbie)
  • Tribbie/Trobbie (Trina/Robbie)
  • Rori (Tori/Robbie)
  • Candre (Cat/Andre)
  • Jandre (Jade/Andre)
  • Bat (Beck/Cat)
  • Cade (Cat/Jade)
  • Jori (Jade/Tori)
  • Cori (Cat/Tori)
  • Sade (Sinjin/Jade)

Some of the Victorious ships aren't really listed. You can vote for more than one.

What I Ship:

  • Bade (Beck/Jade)
  • Tandre (Tori/Andre)
  • Cabbie/Cobbie (Cat/Robbie)
  • Bat (Beck/Cat, only as a friendship pair)
  • Cade (Cat/Jade, only as a friendship pair)

What I DON'T ship:

  • Bori (Beck/Tori, I only like this as a friendship pair)
  • Cori (Cat/Tori, I don't really like Tori, but no offense Tori-lovers)
  • Candre (Cat/Andre, I only like this as a friendship pair)
  • Sade (Sinjin/Jade, I REALLY HATE IT! But no offense Sade shippers)
  • Tribbie/Trobbie (Trina/Robbie, I only like this as a friendship pair)

I really want to see your opinions. But for people who doesn't watch it, just say it in a comment. And I'll write the plot about it. Thanks!

Creddie4444 06:11, January 7, 2011 (UTC)

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