It's a double episode and Melanie is in it both!


 iAm Melanie:

Melanie is coming once again and Freddie doubts that Melanie is not real. But when Sam is in juvie, Melanie comes and kisses Freddie once again. He thinks it's Sam, but Melanie denies it. After iCarly, Freddie leaves to his house and tells Melanie that he loves her. So they become a couple. Sam is surprised that they are a couple after being released from juvie. Meanwhile, Spencer and Gibby tries to solve Camie's hard riddle and get the world's largest cupcake. Spencer won, but the cupcake was spicy, which Camie baked to trick him.

iAm in a Movie:

Melanie announced she moved closer to Bushwell Plaza and figured out that Seattle is holding an audition for a movie called Carrie and the Strong Cow. Melanie, Sam, and Rachael fight for the part of Carrie and end up cheating. They finally apologize to each other and congratulates Camie, in which Camie said she didn't want the part. She gave Wendy the role of Carrie. Meanwhile, Freddie, Gibby, and Spencer make a statue of the iCarly logo, which goes wrong when they make it out of cheese (and they didn't realize it.


  • Keke Palmer is one of the auditions for Carrie. Her real name is used. (iAm in a Movie)
  • Sam stated she didn't like Melanie. When Melanie visited, she hugged her sweetly. (iAm Melanie)
  • Sam's hair is usually dark blonde. In these two episodes, it is unusually lighter.
  • Spencer wore a black shirt with the words "Spiky". Later in that same scene the words changed to "Spike", (iAm Melanie)

Creddie Hints

  • Carly and Freddie are going to the same class while Sam goes to a different class. (iAm Melanie)
  • Freddie is very impressed when Carly played the flute. (iAm Melanie)
  • Carly is a bit jealous when she heard Freddie and Melanie are dating. (iAm Melanie)
  • Freddie said he liked Carly's t-shirt with the word "Saucy". (iAm in a Movie)
  • Carly helped Freddie clean his computer. (iAm in a Movie)

Seddie hints

  • Sam helped Freddie up from getting hurt by his locker. (iAm Melanie)
  • Sam licked Freddie hair. (iAm Melanie)
  • Freddie and Sam both wore blue and red (purple). (iAm in a Movie)
  • Sam kicked Freddie's butt while talking about the new iCarly background in (iAm in a Movie)
  • Freddie happily gave Sam a bite of his Fat Cake, but Sam took the whole Fat Cake.

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