Here is the fourth ep. of the iCarly M.U.S.


When a popular reacording producer, Andrew Delores, and a popular band with a dead dinger, The Green Dogs, come to Seattle, Andrew gives Freddie a recording contract, Freddie replies that he needs to think about it, even if he is already eager to say yes. Carly and Sam are way psyched, but Freddie accidentally blurted out that he is going to be in a band. When Spencer, Gibby, Principal Franklin, and Mr. Howard hears about this, Freddie gets upset. Carly and Sam create "iCarly Records", and Carly is Freddie's producer. Freddie meets two famous teens, a guitarist, Tyler Ryans, and a proffesional drummer, Eric Jackson, and they make the band, The Y's. Things go upside down, as Carly keeps mixing the sounds, making Freddie's voice sound horrible. In the end, Freddie sold iCarly records, and Spencer gets the recording deal. Meanwhile, while Sam's mom Pam leaves to Honolulu, Sam is stuck taking care of Melanie after Melanie got mouth surgery.


  • Sam taking care of Melanie after mouth surgery is similar to Tori taking care of Trina in the Victorious episode, "Freak the Freak Out".
  • Carly wears a blue Victorious t-shirt with Beck and Jade together. This could be a hint that Carly is a Bade (Beck and Jade) shipper.
  • The iCarly gang reveals that Victorious is their favorite TV show ( with Carly and Freddie watching the Victorious episode, Wifi In the Sky.)
  • Even the iCarly gang's favorite website is (the Victorious website).

Creddie hints:

  • Freddie tells Carly first that Mr. Delores gave him the recording contract.
  • Carly is very happy that Freddie got a recording contract.
  • Freddie and Carly have lots of things in common (such as favorite TV show)
  • Carly is Freddie's producer in iCarly Records.

Creddie Quotes:

Freddie: Who will be my producer?

Carly: Me!!

Freddie: Thanks Carls!

Carly: 'Cause I wanna know how you sing!

Seddie Hints:

  • Sam is more psyched than Carly when she heard Freddie had a recording contract.
  • Freddie wears red, and Sam wears blue, which makes the Seddie official color (purple)
  • Both met Tyler and Eric at the same time, while Carly didn't see them.
  • Sam and Freddie sits very close to each other if they sit next to each other.

Hope you liked it! Next episode comin' soon! Keep it comin' and comment!

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