Ready for season 2 of my M.U.S. of iCarly? I'm going to "premiere" it next month, but I'll let you peak in to the 'Writers' Desk' to see the episodes coming on April something.

  1. iGo to Detention
  2. iWrestle Sam
  3. iGo Green Again
  4. iCarly vs. Cartoons
  5. iLose My Voice
  6. iTrain Karate
  7. iCarly Goes Hollywood (part 1)
  8. iCarly Goes Hollywood (part 2)
  9. iEat My Last Taco
  10. iFail My Science Exam
  11. iHate Fat Cakes
  12. iProm
  13. iBFFs
  14. iSee Freddie in a Dress
  15. iHave a Crush on Charlie
  16. iMagic
  17. iPunch Spencer
  18. iSteal Sam's History Book
  19. iCarly Meets iCarla
  20. iImpress Carly Again
  21. iMove to San Diego
  22. iCarly Becomes Infamous

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