This is made up, okay. It is not Seddie, nor Creddie. Here is the plot:

An iCarly fan wishes iCarly a merry Christmas, which leads the iCarly fan to go to Carly's apartment, seeing was......NORA?!?! That's right. But seeing Nora has been out of juvie, the iCarly gang locks Nora inside the bathroom. When Spencer gets trapped in the bathroom too, the iCarly crew needs to go save Nora and Spencer. Nora becomes crazy and begins to dump Spencer's head in the toilet. The iCarly gang saved Nora and Spencer, and Nora promises never to be crazy. Meanwhile, Gibby and Guppy learns that the neighbor they are babysitting is the old lady from iDo. She does crazy stuff, including a food fight.

It is neither a Creddie or Seddie episode, but has hints!

Creddie hints:

Both agreed to lock Nora in the bathroom.

Carly first tells Freddie that Spencer and Nora are stuck.

Both found out that Nora was in their apartment.

Freddie tells Carly to touch Freddie's lips to see if there is blood, but Freddie wanted a kiss.

Seddie hints:

Sam admitted that Melanie did exist (again) but Freddie denies it. Sam sticked her tongue at Freddie playfully.

Freddie hits Sam's head with a ball (again, playfully) and Sam gets a tennis ball and hits Freddie. This means they could be playing a game or playing.

Again, Sam offered Freddie a meatball. This time, he agrees.

Freddie tells Sam that he likes her in a play. Sam asks "Really?" in a sweet tone, but Freddie says "Nope." with a grin.

Favorite Creddie quote:

Freddie: Could you toruch my lips to see if it's bleeding?

Carly: (touching Freddie's lips with her thumb) It's not.

Freddie: Sure? To be sure, you have to touch my lips with your lips.

Carly: (laughs) It's not bleeding. (Tickles Freddie's nose)

Favorite Seddie quote:

Freddie: I love you, Sam!

Sam: (sweet tone, but disgusted) Really?

Freddie: (In a playful tone) Nope.

Sam: Yeah, you better not, Fredward.

Okay, so this is fake, and I really hope it could air in the future. But, it won't. Hope you liked it! Remember: This is not a Creddie episode, nor a Seddie episode. :)

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