The 5th ep. of the iCarly M.U.S.


After the iCarly crew found out that Gibby broke up with his girlfriend, they send Gibby to choose three girls to go on a blind date with them. But Gibby has hard time choosing. So Carly, Sam, and Freddie choose three girls and Gibby has to choose one or no one. First Carly choose a girl named Wilda, who enjoys sports, Freddie chose a girl named Ethel, who enjoys food, and Sam picks a tomboyish girl named Marie, who enjoys boys who have younger brother(s). Meanwhile, Spencer is having trouble thinking of a plot of a movie starring himself and his own sculptures so his sculptures can be in a popular museum in New York City.


  • Sam wears a blue Drake Bell t-shirt during iCarly. This hints that she LOVES Drake Bell.
  • Freddie watches the TV show, Drake and Josh, in the TV monitor before Sam and Carly comes in.
  • Carly loves the show Big Time Rush. She is seen watching the TV special, Big Time Christmas, where Miranda Cosgrove starred in.
  • At the start of the episode, the iCarly gang are watching True Jackson, VP.

Creddie hints:

  • Carly and Freddie watches Girly Cow, a TV show they both are starting to hate.
  • Freddie wished if Carly were to pick a guy after a blind date, he hoped Carly to pick him.
  • Carly giggles at Freddie's wish (the Creddie hint above ^)

Creddie Quotes:

Freddie: (to Carly) You know, if you were on a blind date and you were to choose, I hope you choose me!

Carly: (giggles) Yeah, and what if I pick Drake Bell?

Freddie: (laughs) I know you'll pick me!

Carly: Maybe!

Seddie hints:

  • Sam wears a blue t-shirt, and Freddie wears a red jacket. They make the Seddie official color, purple.
  • Both agreed that they should hold three blind dates for Gibby.
  • Freddie and Sam agreed to choose Marie, but later, Freddie chose Ethel.

Seddie quotes:

Sam: What if we hold blind dates for Gibby!

Freddie: Hmmmm, not a bad idea!

Sam: See! I'm not educated, but I'm smart.

Freddie: (whispered) No, you ain't.

Sam: (pushes Freddie down) Yep, I am!

Hope you liked it!

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