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iFind Gibby a Girlfriend

The 5th ep. of the iCarly M.U.S.


After the iCarly crew found out that Gibby broke up with his girlfriend, they send Gibby to choose three girls to go on a blind date with them. But Gibby has hard time choosing. So Carly, Sam, and Freddie choose three girls and Gibby has to choose one or no one. First Carly choose a girl named Wilda, who enjoys sports, Freddie chose a girl named Ethel, who enjoys food, and Sam picks a tomboyish girl named Marie, who enjoys boys who have younger brother(s). Meanwhile, Spencer is having trouble thinking of a plot of a movie starring himself and his own sculptures so his sculptures can be in a popular museum in New York City.


  • Sam wears a blue Drake Bell t-shirt during iCarly. This hints that she LOVES Drake Bell.
  • Freddie watches the TV show, Drake and Josh, in the TV monitor before Sam and Carly comes in.
  • Carly loves the show Big Time Rush. She is seen watching the TV special, Big Time Christmas, where Miranda Cosgrove starred in.
  • At the start of the episode, the iCarly gang are watching True Jackson, VP.

Creddie hints:

  • Carly and Freddie watches Girly Cow, a TV show they both are starting to hate.
  • Freddie wished if Carly were to pick a guy after a blind date, he hoped Carly to pick him.
  • Carly giggles at Freddie's wish (the Creddie hint above ^)

Creddie Quotes:

Freddie: (to Carly) You know, if you were on a blind date and you were to choose, I hope you choose me!

Carly: (giggles) Yeah, and what if I pick Drake Bell?

Freddie: (laughs) I know you'll pick me!

Carly: Maybe!

Seddie hints:

  • Sam wears a blue t-shirt, and Freddie wears a red jacket. They make the Seddie official color, purple.
  • Both agreed that they should hold three blind dates for Gibby.
  • Freddie and Sam agreed to choose Marie, but later, Freddie chose Ethel.

Seddie quotes:

Sam: What if we hold blind dates for Gibby!

Freddie: Hmmmm, not a bad idea!

Sam: See! I'm not educated, but I'm smart.

Freddie: (whispered) No, you ain't.

Sam: (pushes Freddie down) Yep, I am!

Hope you liked it!

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