The 6th ep. of the iCarly M.U.S.


After iCarly, Carly and Freddie watches Superstar News while Sam takes a nap downstairs. They find Shelby Marx in the news, saying, "Yes, I have a boyfriend. His name is Wade Collins, the runner up of America Sings!". The iCarly crew freaks out, (after Freddie told Sam that Shelby is dating Wade) and becomes crazy. But Sam has a plan to split both of them. Shelby tells the iCarly gang that Wade is really dating her (but it's lie, because Shelby broke up with Wade already). Later, in Superstar News at Five, Shelby told that she and Wade broke up, and said this to Wade (if he was watching), "You're a hobknocker!" Meanwhile, Spencer and Gibby tries to find Spencer's movie, The Dumb and the Stupid (starring Travis Mike). At the end of the episode, the iCarly gang, Spencer, Gibby, Guppy,and Shelby watches The Dumb and the Stupid: the Sequel.

Creddie hints:

  • Carly and Freddie watches Superstar News together while Sam takes a nap.
  • Carly lays her head on Freddie's shoulder as they fall asleep.
  • Shelby suggested that Carly and Freddie should be a couple. They look at each other in a flirty way.

Creddie Quotes:

Shelby: (to Freddie) You know, you and Carly should really be a couple!

Freddie: Yeah? (looks at Carly in a flirty way)

Carly: Maybe! (looks at Freddie in a flirty way)

Seddie Hints:

  • Freddie tells Sam that Shelby and Wade are dating.
  • Sam almost kisses Freddie when they trip on a cord.
  • Sam yells at Freddie when she almost kisses Freddie, blaming Freddie for the accident.

Seddie quotes:

Sam: (entering the door; talking to Freddie) Shelby and that hobknocker are really dating?

Freddie: Believe it! It's not a rumor. Shelby said it live on Superstar...(trips on the cord) AHHH!

Sam: (falls on Freddie; almost kissing him) AHHHH!

Freddie: Sam!

Sam: You almost kissed me! You're dead Benson!

Hope you liked it! A new Seddie episode, coming soon!

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