Here is iGet a Concert, first episode of the iCarly M.U.S.


After school, Carly and Sam agrees to make the first ever iCarly iConcert. They get multiple singers to perform, such as Justin Bieber, The Plain White T's, Paramore, Simple Plan and Good Charlotte and mystery singers. But when iCarly was going to start, most of the singers were not here. They plan Sam will sing. But, before the show starts, everyone was stuck in the elavator, thanks to Spencer, Gibby, Guppy, and Nevel.

List of songs performed by the singers:

Somebody To Love-Justin Bieber
1, 2, 3, 4-The Plain White T's
Playing God/Decode-Paramore
Perfect/Save You/Your Love Is A Lie-Simple Plan
Like It's Her Birthday-Good Charlotte
Any Kind of Guy-Big Time Rush
I Hate Everything About You-3 Days Grace
Automatic-Tokio Hotel
Hurricane-30 Seconds To Mars and Kanye West
Grenade-Bruno Mars
You Belong With Me-Taylor Swift
Freak the Freak Out-Tori Vega (a.k.a., Louise Nordoff)
Love Like Woe-The Ready Set
Count On You-Big Time rush and Jordin Sparks

  • Creddie moments:
  • Carly and Freddie slow danced in the last song.
  • Freddie sings a made up song and dedicated it to Carly.
  • Carly is smiling when she faces Freddie.
  • Carly gives Freddie a short kiss in the lips.

Seddie moments:

  • Freddie wears a purple penny tee, (that says Tech Producer) and Sam wears a purple penny tee (That says I LOOOOVVVEEE Ham).
  • Sam ties Freddie to a chair (a bet) and see if he can get stuck in the chair for more than 2 hours.

Hope you like! :^)

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