• Here is the second episode of the iCarly M.U.S. (Made Up Season)


After seeing a movie premiere, Gulliver's Travels, Carly runs into a famous teen actor, Travis Mike, and accidentally kisses him. Freddie begins jealous and Sam makes him even more jealous by telling lies that Carly and Travis are dating. Carly denies it, but Sam tells Freddie more rumors. When Freddie had enough of Sam's rumors (by saying Travis plans to marry Carly ten years later), Freddie ask Carly himself, again. Carly tries to deny and Freddie finally understands. The next day, Carly sees Travis again, and vows never ever to see each other again, or else Sam will make him end up in the hospital. Travis kisses Carly without warning, and Sam punches Travis, saying that Travis's secretary punched him. Travis is never seen again, but in future episodes, the iCarly crew is seen watching some Travis Mike movies (in iFind Out Shelby Marx and Wade Collins are Dating).

Creddie hints:

  • Both agreed that Gulliver's Travels was an awesome movie.
  • Freddie is very, VERY jealous when Carly and Travis kissed.
  • Carly denies Freddie about Travis dating Carly.
  • Carly is shown very close to Freddie throughout the episode.

Creddie quotes:

Carly: You think the movie is awesome?

Freddie: Yeah! Totally!

Carly: Who wouldn't love Jack Black????

Freddie: Jerks!

Seddie hints:

  • Sam keeps teasing Freddie by saying rumors about Travis and Carly dating.
  • Sam wears red while Freddie wears blue, and if you mix the color, it will be Seddie's official color, purple.
  • Freddie and Sam argue playfully before Sam punches Travis.
  • Sam attemps to punch Freddie instead punching Travis because Travis is cute.

Seddie quotes:

Sam: I hear that Travis is marrying Carly ten years later!

Freddie: Stop it Sam! They aren't dating!

Sam: Fine!.....Or are they!

Freddie: Sam! Enough! You're making me....

Sam: ...jealous?

Freddie: No!

Sam: Admit it!

Freddie: Yeah.

Hope you liked it! Next episode is coming soon!

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