This is another episode special that is a Cam friendship episode.


 After iCarly, Shannon creates an argument with Carly and Sam. Sam seperates from iCarly and hires Rachael to be her new tech-producer in a new webshow Sam creates, called "The Funny Stuff". Carly at school shows that Carly is better off without Sam and Sam is better off without Carly. Freddie tries to make Carly and Sam reunite again. When Carly does iCarly, the internet signal begins to break down, causing a major blackout to strike Seattle. When Sam begins to cry after the blackout, Sam sends a video email to Carly apologizing about everything. Carly replies in a video email and Sam vistits Carly's house and they are reunited again. Meanwhile, Spencer, Gibby, and Guppy goes camping in the woods and they are in a major problem when they get lost in the middle of the forest.

Creddie Hints:

  • Freddie is really concerned about Carly more than he is concerned about Sam.
  • Carly's tech-producer is still Freddie.
  • Carly asks for advice from Freddie about friendships. After explaining, Carly hugs Freddie for 20 seconds.

Creddie Quotes:

Carly: Hey, Freddie, you have some advice about friends?

Freddie: Yep! Friends don't let go friends. Friends are always there for each other no matter what happens. They stick together, Like you and Sam before! Well, not now.

Carly: Thank you Freddie! (hugs Freddie tightly for 20 seconds)

Seddie Hints:

  • Sam usually slaps Freddie throughout the episode.
  • Freddie always smiles at Sam when they are close to each other.
  • Sam was facing Freddie at a sad way when she leaves Carly.

Seddie Quotes:

Sam: Hey Fredward!

Freddie: Hey Samantha!

Carly: Yeah! Hey Sam! Let's do iCarly! I've written a Pathetic Play about being in World War I with a hobo and a hobo dictator!

Sam: Who's the hobo dictator? You?

Freddie: Me!

Sam: (walks up to Freddie and slaps his face) Thanks!

Freddie : THANKS FOR WHAT???? WORLD WAR I??????

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