Camie and Carly are seeking help from Spencer to make sculptures for Camie to get a good grade is Art Class. Spencer agrees, but bosses them all he wants. Carly grows angry and upset that Spencer is not teaching them. At the end, Spencer, Camie, and Carly all make a cupcake statue made out of real cupcakes. Meanwhile, Sam and Freddie help Gibby find Guppy's toy dragon before Guppy arrives from Olympia with his parents. At the end, they realize that Guppy tricked them and the toy was with him all along.

Favorite Quotes:

Sam- "Wish we took a break and have bacon!"
Freddie- "Bacon?"
Gibby- "Bacon and dragons don't make up the world!"

Camie- "Where are Sam and Freddie?"
Carly- "They're helping Gibby find a toy dragon."
Camie- "Oh, a dragon!? Let's see the dragon's fire breath!"

Spencer- "Let's get artsy!"
Camie and Carly- "Artsy?"
Spencer- "It's not a word?"

Creddie Hints

  • At the start of the episode, Carly bakes Freddie cupcakes.
  • Carly invites Freddie to eat dinner with them.
  • Camie jokingly admitted Carly does like Freddie. She gives out a shy smile at Freddie and denies it.

Seddie Hints

  • They (together with Gibby) are the main stars of the subplot.
  • Sam and Freddie's seat at biology class are next to Carly, but Sam's in the middle. She is closer to Freddie.
  • In this whole episode, Sam wears red with blue, making purple, and Freddie wears red socks and a blue shirt, making purple.

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