Since it's only four days away from Spencer's birthday, Carly and Camie challenge Sam and Freddie to a competition to see if who can create Spencer's wildest birthday party. They all end up getting Spencer to the hospital because of a dog accident not planned by Sam (getting Spencer a dog was Sam's plan, not Spencer being attacked by the dog). Carly, Camie, Sam, and Freddie felt very sorry for attacking Spencer, but thanks to Gibby, Shannon, and Rachael, they help make an exciting Spencer sculpture for his birthday.


  •  When Spencer gets attacked by a dog, it is similar to Beck's dad getting attacked by the dog in the Victorious episode "Jade Dumps Beck".
  • Camie was wearing a black leather jacket, but at the start of the episode, she stated she hates black.
  • Charice plays a patient next to Spencer's hospital bed.
  • Shannon and Camie work at the Groovy Smoothies.
  • Rachael stated she loves candy, but when Sam gives her chocolate, Rachael did not accept.

Creddie Hints and Quotes:

  • Carly is upset when Sam picks Freddie as her partner.
  • Freddie likes it when Carly was dressed in a pink striped, flirty outfit, but upset that other boys are attracted by her outfit.
  • Carly is jealous when the teen nurse, Jenna, tries to flirt with Freddie. Freddie replies that he got his eyes on Carly, which makes Carly giggle and smile.

Jenna: Hey, you Freddie Benson? You're so hot!

Freddie: Yeah, thanks. But I got my eye on that pretty girl over there (points to Carly).

Carly: (giggles and smiles) Thanks Freddie!

Seddie Hints and Quotes:

  • Sam picks Freddie to be her partner in Spencer's birthday competiton.
  • When Shannon tells Sam that she is a Seddie shipper, Freddie and Sam smile with a little flirt on their faces.
  • Freddie was asked to switch lockers, and he chose his locker to be next to Sam's.

Sam: (after the discussion with Spencer's birthday competition) I'm picking FREDDIE!!!

Freddie: Yeah, cuz you're going to beat me up if we don't win, right?

Sam: No, because of your techie tech, we could make an electric banner for Spencer saying, 'Pick us! We deserve to win!'

Freddie: Okay! (moves closer to Sam)

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