This is my fanfiction (next and first ever iCarly fanfic) called iValentine. The two characters this story focuses on is Freddie and Melanie.

Summary: It's finally Valentine's Day. Freddie wants to pick Carly for his valentine, but her boyfriend, Andrew, be her valentine instead. Melanie is there for the rescue. Freddie thinks its Sam, but it's really Melanie. And what's more harder for Freddie, Valentine Prom is coming. Will they work out?

Chapter 1: Valentine Mix Up

Freddie and Carly were both eating dinner at Carly's house. Spencer made spaghettit tacos. Sam had detention again. It was awfully quiet. Until Spencer finally shouted, "HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!!!!!!"
"Spencer, it's only two weeks until the fourteenth!" Carly said as Spencer gave her chocolate.
"What? This chocolate costs $22.95 and it was 50% off! Did I just waste my 50 bucks?" Spencer angrily, but jokingly, replied.
"It's okay, Spence. Give it to your Valentine!" Freddie suggested. As Spencer walked out of the house leaving the chocolate on the couch, Freddie said to Carly, "So, Carly, you have a Valentine?"
"Yeah, it's Andrew Beary, my boyfriend!" replied Carly. Freddie frowned very badly.
"What's wrong?"
"I was planning that you'll be my Valentine," Freddie quietly replied.
"Sorry, Freddie. I wanted you to be my Valentine, too. Thanks to that guy. That cute, smokin' bacon guy," Carly gently said, pulling out a picture of Andrew. Andrew did look quite handsome. He had blue eyes and blonde hair that was perfectly fixed with hair gel.
"It's okay, Carly. He did pick you before I picked you. I would probably ask Sam but she would tear me up even if I give her half of my pants for her," Freddie sadly replied as Carly quickly giggled.
"See ya, later, Freddie. I have to go take a shower so I could rest." She sadly saw Freddie walk out the door. Both Freddie and Carly were both upset about the Valentine mix up.

Thanks for reading! It's kinda short, but I can't promise you the next chapter will be longer. If it is, well, I keep my promise next chapter after the next chapter! :)

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