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iWill Kiss Freddie (movie commercial)

Narrator: Time for the greatest, strongest Seddie episode!

Sam: Cool!

Narrator: Time for the greatest kiss in history!

Carly: Really?

Narrator: Time for Seddie to happen.

Freddie: Huh?

Narrator: But is it sure?

Spencer: Sam...Freddie...WHAT?!

Narrator: That's right. Will Seddie happen? Or will the kiss be fake?

Guppy: Happy Birthday!

Narrator: Will Seddie live? Or will it last like Creddie's date?

Carly: (looks at Sam bitterly) Kiss Freddie?

Sam: Don't know with that Fredward.

Narrator: Will Seddie happen? Or is the kiss going to be a dare? Find out the truth in iWill Kiss Freddie, a one hour movie filled with Seddie and Cibby!

The whole iCarly cast: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!

Oh, and to Creddiers, there are some Creddie hints. And Carly is jealous! Hahahaha! I'm not copying from Bunnyboo50's iStart Over. Just wanna do this for fun! hahahaha!

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