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iWill Kiss Freddie Part 1

Narrator: Get ready for the Seddie-ful episode iWill Kiss Freddie, starting NOW! Only on NICK.

First scene: Very Boring!

Spencer: Hey kiddos! How you guys doin'?

Carly: Sam threw up in the Girly Bra Yearly Convention. Even panties were included!

Sam: I HATE that word!!!!

Spencer: What? Included or panties?

Carly: Panties

Sam: Yeah, that's why I threw up.

Spencer: You okay?

Sam: Yup.

Spencer: Hey, don't you guys need to rehearse iCarly? Freddie has been up there waiting for you guys.

Carly: Yeah, random mouth dancing.

Sam: Later, Spence!

Spencer: Bye!

Freddie: Hey, where's Carly and Sam?

Spencer: Up.....stairs.

Freddie: Great!

Carly: Spencer!!!!!!!!!!!! You said Freddie was up here!!!

Spencer: Sorry, I used Sam's lying techniques to got you! You got....lie'd!

Freddie: OH!!! Like that TV show where Ashley Kuther hosts and she lies to celebrities!

Sam: Yeah, done with your little nerd talk and get up here!

Freddie: It's not nerd talk! It's lie talk!

Sam: Whatev, Fredward!!!!!!

Freddie: Later.

Spencer: I love to get lie'd!

Narrator: We're gonna take a short break! Stay tuned to iWill Kiss Freddie, the one hour Seddie premiere!


Lie'd is a parody of Punk'd.

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