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iWill Kiss Freddie Part 2

Narrator: Now we're back with iWill Kiss Freddie! The one hour Seddie episode only on NICK.

Scene 2: iWill Date Freddie

Sam: Sorry! iCarly gonna end.

Carly: Not like end and shut down iCarly! See ya later!

Freddie: And we're clear!!!!

Sam: Great! Now momma's gonna chill!

Freddie: Wait! I got a fanmail, from a Seddie fan!

Sam: No way!


Freddie: Dear iCarly, iLove Your Webshow! iWatch it Everyday! iWant You and Sam and Freddy to be together!

Sam: What?!?

Carly: Uh-huh.

Freddie: No! The only one I will kiss is Carly.

Carly: (looks at Freddie)


Gibby: Hey, Spence!

Spencer; Gibster, how you doing?

Gibby: (runs to the bathroom, leaving Guppy)

Guppy: Happy Birthday!

Spencer: Ahhhhh! What did you do to Gibby!!!

Guppy: (removes his shirt) I'm miniature Gibby!

Spencer: Oh.


Carly: Think you and Sam should date!

Freddie: Why?

Carly: I'll be okay!


Carly: Trust me!

Sam: Hey!

Carly: We already planned you Freddie's date in Cheesecake Warehouse.

Sam: Ok.

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