Seddie made up episode!


 On iCarly, Carly introduces her three new Ridgeway friends, Rachael Grace,Shannon Grace, and Camie Hanner. Rachael threatens the iCarly fans to not date her and call her, Shannon begs for an acceptance letter to a popular college, and Camie asks for a job for her mother. Sam interrupts and invites Freddie. Freddie reluctantly goes and with a very large smile on her mischievous face, she gets pie and shoves it in his pants. Freddie runs off sad and lonely and decides that Rachael should replace Freddie. The next day, Camie is excited that her mother gets a job and tells Carly. Carly is excited but sad at the same time. Freddie has been absent from school for two days and Sam disagrees to apologize to Freddie. Camie agrees and Sam apologizes to Freddie. At the same time, Camie and Carly wants to see them kiss. So they kiss for 13 seconds. The monitor in the iCarly shows slides and says, "Happily iCarly Ever After!" Meanwhile, Rachael is trying to avoid boys, but can't resist the cuteness of Guppy, so she turns to Gibby and Spencer for help.

Creddie Hints:

  • Carly is very worried that Freddie is absent from school.
  • While Freddie is visiting Carly before Sam and him kiss, Carly bakes some cupcakes for Freddie.
  • Freddie smiles at Carly in a flirty way when Carly gives him cupcakes.

Creddie Quote:

Carly: Hey Freddie!

Freddie: Hey!

Carly: You okay? Okay or not, I baked you some cupcakes!

Freddie: (looks at Carly in a flirty way) Thanks!

Seddie Hints:

  • Sam gives Freddie a wedgie.
  • Sam frowns in a sad way when Rachael says to don't call her, but Freddie was smiling, maybe Sam was jealous.
  • Freddie and Sam kiss and while kissing, they are smiling.

Seddie Quotes:

Sam: Sorry, Fredward.

Freddie: Yeah, sorry and we hug then give me a wedgie! But....I accept your apology.

Camie: Awwww! A happy ending for a bickery pair!

Carly and Camie: Kiss!Kiss!Kiss!

Sam: Eh, why not?

Freddie: Yup.

(They kiss for 13 seconds)

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