• Creddie4life

    Freddie: *walks in the icarly studio* -sighs- I'm gonna miss you Carly

    Carly: *walks in* Hey Freddie

    Freddie: Carly are you rally here or am I just hearing you in my mind

    Carly: I'm here *taps his shoulder*

    Freddie: Hey, what are you still doing here?

    Carly: Well I can't leave without saying goodbye to you

    Freddie: -sighs- You just did, Carly just tell the truth please

    Carly: Oh right, I'm here because I forgot to tell you something

    Freddie: And what is it?

    Carly: Its not to late

    Freddie: -confused- what are you talking about?

    Carly: Remember when you ask me if it is too late for me to love you?

    Freddie: Yeah and???

    Carly: the answer is no, its not too late, because I already love you before

    Freddie: Really?? Si..Si... Since when?

    Carly: Just when I thou…

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